InstaBuilder 2.0 Review

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Instabuilder 2.0 is one of the most exciting products I've found recently. And I'm sure most Internet entrepreneurs would feel the same way when they find out what Instabuilder 2.0 has to offer.

What is the Instabuilder 2.0? It is a Wordpress plugin, quite similar to OptimizePress but it is much easier and faster. The Instabuilder 2.0 lets you create all the business pages you need including a sales page, opt-in form, squeeze page, and more. These pages can be created in within minutes. When you create a page, a number of templates will appear and you can choose one of them that you like.

From those templates, you can customize the background colors and upload images and videos. Not only that, you can also add in elements like buttons, the date today, and more. All of these elements are customizable so you can choose for it to have whatever color, shape, and even fonts you wish. The look of your page can be changed with just a few clicks.

One interesting element that I found in the Instabuilder 2.0 is the countdown timer. You can choose how you want it to look like and then, you can change the color. On top of that, you can choose what you want to happen when the timer ends. You can just hide the timer, or you can direct the user to another page, or you can even reveal a hidden content.

This countdown timer is a powerful element in selling as it creates a sense of urgency for the customers to make purchase. It is one of the most sought for elements for online marketers. AndInstabuilder 2.0 has it at their disposal!

On top of that, you can check on the statistics of your visitors so you can see how many hits you have, how many posts you have published, and many more. This is a great way to keep track of your business.

There are plenty more features you can find in the Instabuilder 2.0 to list out but the best part of all is that everything is quick and easy. Anyone can understand how things work in Instabuilder 2.0. But if you still have trouble, you can always look back at the tutorial videos they've provided. They sure helped me.

In a nutshell, this sure is a great tool for an online marketer to have. For what it offers, this is a product worth having for beginners or even for the advanced marketers.

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