How You Can Make $10,000+ A Month Even If You Don’t Have Experience, Tech Skills, Your
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Meet Sebastian From Costa Rica…

He Was Able To Create A 7-Figure Income Once He Learned
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Imagine being able to wake up one day…

Decide spontaneously you want to take a vacation and go to a new country…

You book a ticket – “And you’re on your way!”

Regardless if you’re on a plane, touring the country or actually sitting down at your computer to get some work done…

You’re STILL getting paid.

So regardless what you spend on your vacation you know that you are going to make it RIGHT back in a matter of weeks – if not days.

That’s EXACTLY what one of my students Sebastian does whenever he wants because he learned how to build a High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing business and he has a sales funnel that helps automate his business and bring in sales 24/7/365.

Imagine Being Able to Make $10,000 + Per Month And Be Able To Consistently Bring In Reliable Income Month After Month Regardless If You’re Working or Spending Time Doing What You Want…

But there is one BIG problem…

99% of people reading this right now WILL NEVER accomplish this.

Not because they’re not smart enough or not capable, but because they’re making a few mistakes they may not be aware of…

Mistake #1 – They think the answer is to sell lots of small ticket products because it will be easier.

Let me tell you a story about naive Zach several years ago…

When I first started in this industry my goal was to make $10,000 a month like most people I speak with.

To me, that was life-changing money.

After several years of busting my butt I could barely crack $5000 a month consistently and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

Not only was I frustrated, but I was overworked and burned out. I was making money online, but it was more work than my old job.

I hired a mentor to help me figure out what the heck I was doing wrong.

What I discovered is that I was working 100x harder than I should be.

The thing he taught me was that it’s 10X easier to sell Big-Ticket products to your customers than to sell 1000’s of low ticket products.

Let me show you an example:

If you wanted to make $10,000 a month you could do this…

$50 commission = you need 200 people to purchase the product.

$100 commission = you need 100 people to purchase the product.

This may seem simple, but I can tell you from experience it’s a lot harder than it looks.

When I switched to selling Big-Ticket products my income went from $3000-$5000 a month to $50,000 + a month in just a few short months.

As you can see here… these are my typical two week commission checks I’m used to…

This is why I only promote quality products that give me the ability to make $1000 commissions because it allows me to grow my business very fast.

Look at the difference:

$1000 commission = you need just 10 people a month.

To make $20,000 per month:

$1000 commission = you need just 20 people a month.

See how much easier that is to get 10-20 people compared to 100-400 people?

Now I want to point out that low ticket products have their place, but they’re used to get a customer to make an initial purchase.

Once the customer purchases you should have a high ticket product to sell the same customer.

Which brings me to the next mistake people make…

Mistake #2 – They don’t have a high converting sales funnel.

Most Affiliate Marketers struggle to make sales because they just send people to a sales page with their affiliate link “HOPING” to make a sale.

Let me tell you from personal experience that people don’t buy from sales pages. They buy from people or companies they Know, Like & Trust.

A sales funnel pre-educates your customers on how the product can help them and does all the selling for you.

If you want to build a real business that generates sales 24/7/365 regardless if you’re working or sleeping then you need a sales funnel.

Here is an example of a simple sales funnel…

A sales funnel consists of a few pieces:

  • Lead Capture Page: This page is used to captures the visitors email in exchange for a freebie. (free information or gift)
  • Thank You Page: This page is used to welcome your new subscriber. (you can offer something for sale or guide them to your social media profiles)
  • Sales Page: This page is used to sell the product.
  • ​Automated Email Sequence: These are the emails that automatically go out to bring people back to your sales page.

When you have a sales funnel in place it will do all the hard work and selling for you 24/7/365.

Now this brings me to the next piece of the puzzle that most people are missing.

Mistake #3 – No proven sales process to close Big-Ticket sales.

The next thing they’re missing to make $10k + a month is a proven process in their business to close big ticket sales.

If you’re selling a product that is low-ticket then a simple sales funnel will work, but if you want people to purchase the bigger ticket products the best way to accomplish this is with a one to one conversation on the phone.

Every customer has individual needs, wants, desires and objections that are holding them back from making a purchase. This is why the phone is an absolute must when selling bigger ticket products!

You can either do phone sales yourself to get your customers to buy the bigger priced products and services or you can leverage a phone team when you join a program like mine where we close all the sales for you.

When you have a phone team doing all the hard work for you all you have to do is generate leads from quality traffic sources into the done for you sales funnels and the phone sales team goes to work for you closing big ticket commissions and you get PAID.

Which brings me to my next mistake people make…

Mistake #4 – Not using quality traffic sources. (traffic = people)

I love Internet Marketing and it’s an amazing business that can change your life, but if you follow the wrong people they will they lead you down the wrong path and leave you bankrupt.

When people come online they usually end up following marketers who use lots of hype and make unrealistic promises.

One of those promises is that they have the magic source of “buyer traffic” which conveniently they will sell you solo ad’s. (Email List Traffic).

These types of leads get hammered with offer after offer every single day and this is why if you do a simple google search you will see people losing thousands of dollars buying solo ad’s.

If you want to get people to purchase your products you need to get laser targeted leads from premium traffic sources like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Most people make the mistake of getting traffic from low quality sources like solo ad’s and this is the very reason they’re left frustrated and wondering what they’re doing wrong.

Now over the next few days I’m going to dive deep into each of these mistakes and show you how to set your business up properly from the start so you can make $10,000 + per month income online.

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