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How To Win Affiliate Contests

At Launch

Once the product has officially launched, it’s time to start pre-selling. Pre-selling is all the things you do before the user arrives at the sales page, and these things help increase conversions significantly.


You may ask why you need to do any pre-selling at all. After all, shouldn’t the product sell itself? Shouldn’t the sales page be enough?

Well, partially. Obviously the product you promote should be a great product, and it should have a sales page that will convert. But keep in mind that your audience may not know this product owner. They trust you. They may not trust this product owner yet.

By doing a little pre-selling, you’re helping pass the trust your audience has in you onto this product, and onto the product owner. (That’s why it’s so important to promote only those products you know are quality.)

Let’s look at some ways you can promote a product effectively at the time of its launch.

Be On The Ball

The moment the product goes live, you need to be ready to send out your first email. Don’t wait! If someone sees the product first via another marketer’s email, they may buy it through that person’s affiliate link and you’ll lose the sale.

If you’re promoting a new launch, you have to be ready to send out your email the moment the product goes live. Even if you know exactly when it’s supposed to be live, don’t schedule the email. Things happen. Launches get delayed. Just be ready to send it out at a moment’s notice.



Bonuses have become the new big standard in affiliate marketing, especially in competitive markets like internet marketing. These days, some people actually “bonus shop” which is when they look to see which marketer is offering the best bonuses before they buy a new product.

So what if you don’t have anything good you can offer as a bonus? You can either buy PLR and included, or (ideally) create a bonus.

Creating a bonus has three distinct benefits over PLR:

1. Anything you can create will probably be better quality, and have higher perceived value than any PLR product you could buy.
2. You can later sell that bonus, or include it with something you sell, as an individual product. Or you could use it as a lead magnet to get people to opt-in to your email list.
3. You can tailor the bonus very tightly to the product you’re promoting.


Let’s say you are promoting a product that teaches you how to make your own marketing graphics like headers and banners with Photoshop. A fantastic bonus would be a bunch of Photoshop resources like gradients, layer styles, and templates.

If you can’t find any that would work well and have PLR or resale rights that allow them to be used as a bonus, you could create them yourself. Which brings to mind a fourth benefit of creating your own bonus—it will be exclusive to you, and no one else could offer it as a bonus.

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