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How To Win Affiliate Contests


You’ll probably want to do a fair bit of pre-selling in order to increase conversions. Pre-selling is relatively simple. If you’ve seen the product before you start selling it (and ideally you should to be sure you’re promoting only the best products) you will know where the sales page is lacking. Perhaps it focuses too little on a particular aspect of the product that you know would be important to your audience, or maybe you feel it doesn’t present information in the best order.


Pre-selling will let you present the features you think would be most important to your audience before they even visit the sales page, helping to increase conversions.

Be Consistent

Consistency is especially important when promoting products that have a higher price tag, which generally happen to be those with the best prizes for affiliates. You can’t expect to send out one message and win an affiliate contest. It’s about hammering that message in repeatedly.

This might sound counterproductive. You might think your audience will tire of hearing about the same product over and over. Some might. But it often takes seeing the same ad or product about three times before someone decides to purchase, especially for big-ticket items.


Consistency is also important when you’re participating in every stage of the launch. You need to keep up each step of the process, from doing pre-launch marketing such as webinars and reviews to post-launch marketing like sending out emails and offering bonuses.

You can even act like you’re doing your audience a favor by letting them know about the product in advance of the launch, and then reminded them about it once it has officially launched. Technically, if the product is good, you would be doing them a favor. Especially if the product is limited and likely to sell out quickly, or is being offered at a discount.

If you really want to win that affiliate contest, it’s vital that you keep hammering your list. Obviously you don’t want to promote too much. But you’ll want to send a minimum of three emails for each launch.

1. The pre-launch announcement about the coming product.
2. The announcement the product is live.
3. A follow-up to remind people to buy, and let them know if the product is close to selling out or the launch discount is almost over.

You can certainly send more than three emails, but those are the ones you should send at bare minimum.

If you’re like to send more than this, here’s a good schedule:

1. The pre-launch announcement about the coming product.
2. An announcement about your upcoming webinar for the product.
3. A reminder right before the webinar.
4. A reminder the day before the product goes live, with an announcement about your bonus or bonuses.
5. The announcement the product is live.
6. A follow-up to remind people to buy, and let them know if the product is close to selling out or the launch discount is almost over.

As long as these emails are spaced a day or two apart, people are most likely not going to be upset about the frequency of emails, and this will give you the best chance to win the contest.

Don’t give up just because you see a huge lead on the leaderboard. You may discover that the top two or three marketers on the leader-board the first day or two later drop because they don’t send follow-up emails, giving you a chance to jump ahead of them if you are consistent and send out those follow-up messages.

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