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How To Win Affiliate Contests

No List? No Problem!

So what if you don’t have a list to use to promote the product? Perhaps you have only a blog, or maybe you’re using social media to promote products. No big deal. You can use the product launch to build your list!

Some product owners will actually provide you with a lead magnet and pre-written autoresponder messages to use to promote the product. You can use these to build your list, or you can create your own.


Let’s say you have a blog or Facebook fan page in a particular niche, such as internet marketing. You can start promoting the product on those pages, perhaps reaching people who would otherwise not know about the product at all. Then you can start pre-selling the product just as you would if you already had a list.

You can tell those people that if they want more information about this product, they can sign up for your email list to find out when it’s launched and what special bonus you’re offering to people who buy through your affiliate link.

Also, people who have already heard about the product may go to the search engines to find more information about it. You can use this as an opportunity to get more traffic by posting your review online and making it searchable.

Be sure to use this page as an opportunity to build your list. Put an opt-in box on the page that offers your free lead magnet that is related to the product, and let people know they can find out the minute the product is launched by signing up to your list.

Don’t forget to let them know you’re offering a bonus or bonuses, especially if your bonus is something exclusive they can’t get anywhere else!

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