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This page will be constantly updated with the latest and greatest of tools and resources to make your IM life easier and make you richer!


I can only recommend one site – Namecheap.com! I would not rely on GoDaddy; just trust me.



You can actually get hosting from Namecheap, but a more popular option is through HostGator. One reason why many people like it is because there are so many tutorials on HostGator and many people are familiar with it, so it makes it much easier to get help if you need it.



I’ve tried them all – GetResponse, Aweber, self hosed options, and some other popular ones. I prefer GR and I think you will too. But check them both out if you really need to and make your own decision. A lot of what I’ll be teaching will be focused on GetResponse, so it will just be easier to follow along. But, your call.



So this section might have quite a few tools and resources listed eventually, as I love WP and I’m always looking for the next great theme, plugin, or tool to help me make more money.

My first recommendation is InstaBuilder 2.0.

It’s a WP plugin that can help you build salespages, opt-in pages, download pages, etc. Just about anything you will ever need for your IM business (and it IS a business, not a hobby, right?).

I’ve used OptimizePress, ProfitBuilder, Authority Pro 3.0, and several others, but I keep coming back to InstaBuilder. It’s your best option and has excellent support. Hands down winner!

InstaBuilder 2