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Discover The 6 Core Steps To Getting
Customers To Pay You 1k, 3k, 5k,
10k, 20k And Even 100k+ Each!
A Real Blueprint For Going From “No Revenue
At All” To A Solid Six Figure Income Online
From The Desk Of: Rob RodenParker

Dear Colleague —

Imagine having access to a “System” that is responsible for well over 6 million dollars.

Imagine getting the ENTIRE SYSTEM, every step & every detail.

Many people have paid as much as 50k each to access this system.

This system can serve you for decades! So with that being said let’s go over the six core steps:

Step One:

Who Are You And Where Are You Going?

Some people are introverts and do not want to do any public speaking or webinars, or selling, or strategy calls, or coaching, etc.

Others love coaching, love the spotlight and love being in front of groups of people.

Some are skillful and good at one certain thing, like speaking, or selling, or technical stuff, or product creation, or writing, or project management, or traffic or copywriting, etc.

Some are good at several things. Some are not skillful at anything yet.

Some want to be in a supporting role and others the leading role. Some are aggressive to get results fast and others are patient and can go more slowly and methodical.

It’s important to get to know YOU. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you more of a manager or conductor or more of a salesperson moving at the speed of light? Are you innovative or creative, or more analytical?

Figure out who you are because once you know you, you can steer your business in the direction that appeals to your strengths and who you are.

I see so many out there who have no clue what to do and no idea where they are going, they just drift through all of this in a totally reactive manner. That does not get you anywhere!

Know where you want to go and who you truly are.

If they are an introvert = go more towards being a manager or conductor of your business.

If you are more of an extrovert = go more towards being the star and the public figure, while getting someone else to be the manager or conductor (pushing them and directing them, keeping them accountable, etc)

Step Two:

Your Own Offer Or A Joint Venture Deal?

Most people fall into one of two categories.

1) Those who are ready and determined to have their own offer to market

2) Those who want to market someone else’s offer as a JV partner or affiliate

It really comes down to that.

And, the people who are most likely to pick option 2 above tend to be the introverts who do not want to be the public star, or the face, or do webinars, etc.

They tend to prefer setting up a system that allows them to focus on the numbers, the math, the team, the project management, the operations, etc.

For these people, it’s important to strike deals with others who already have stellar offers out there (high ticket and high caliber offers)

Those who pick option 1 above want to own their own products and offers. They feel they can do a good job or a better job with their own solutions to problems. They are excited to be the face usually but not always.

Which option above excites you and feels best? Either can produce windfalls of revenue fast!

Step Three:

An Irresistible Offer

If you had the cure for cancer, would you keep it to yourself? Would you just sort of let a few people know about it?

Or, would you feel it’s your obligation and mission and duty to go let as many people know about it as possible?

You want your solution to be so good you want to tell everyone!

You have to have an offer they cannot refuse. I call this a “sell out offer” because it’s so good, so attractive, so compelling, they’d be fools to not buy it from you!

You need an offer like this to sell/market as your own, or as a Joint Venture Affiliate/Partner of someone else’s high-caliber offer.

Step Four:

A Sales “Machine” To Bring In Money

Now that you have an irresistible offer, you need a sales machine that brings in the leads and money for you like clockwork.

This can be an automated webinar.

It can be a sales funnel.

It can be content you put out there for free (podcast, blog, daily video, etc.)

There are several different things you can do to produce ongoing leads and revenue.

For example, if you have a webinar that plays automatically, that thing can make you big money for years!

The webinar builds a list for you and then it sales and drives revenue even while you are on vacation or asleep. Or, maybe it drives leads for you to close. There are several different ways of doing this.

Many people have pre-conceived notions running through their heads. They have “questions” and “doubts” and wonder what is possible and what is not possible. They have excuses to be blunt.

It’s normal, but realize, there’s always an answer. You just don’t know that answer yet, so the little voice in your head screws it all up.

For example, some cringe at the moment they hear the words “do a webinar”. They cannot imagine themselves actually doing a webinar. However, there is about 10-15 simple answers to that challenge. You just don’t know what those answers are yet to you not doing webinars. See?

However, maybe you don’t do webinars at all, maybe a sales funnel is more your thing.

Point is, you need a dialed-in system that produces ongoing leads and customers for you!

Step Five:

An Expensive, First-Class Offer

A nice percentage of your market (or list) is affluent or willing to spend high-dollar to get their problems/desires solved or met. These are your customers who prefer to fly first class, or prefer the best of the best. They want the ultimate shortcut and they want access, etc.

Most marketers out there and business people leave these affluent clients alone and never bother to even attract them.

It’s much easier to sell 5 people a 10k offer than it is to sell 10,000 people a five dollar offer.

Constructing these offers or nailing top-class Joint Venture deals like this is at the CORE of “The System.”

You desperately need a high ticket and expensive offer.

Step Six:

You Need A Mentoring and guidance

Have you ever heard the phrase “You cannot get there from there!” Well, it’s true.

If you are stuck where you are, and have been stuck there for a long time, what is it worth to you to get unstuck?

If you want to earn 100k per year (or per month) and you are not there yet, then not getting a coach/mentor can be costing you 100k!

There is a better and easier way of doing things and your goals & dreams can come true, but you must change what you’ve been doing.

If you continue to keep on doing what you’ve been doing, then you’ll keep on getting the same results over and over again (for years or decades).

To change, to get better and new results, you need to take better and new actions. You need to raise your own game to get higher results.

If you want the guidance, the steps, and if you’re willing to take the steps… and take the dive then the system is for you!


The System

bundle (6) copy

A real blueprint for going from “no revenue at all” to a solid six figure income online (earning 8k to 30k+ per month, or more… it’s unlimited what you can earn)

Here’s What’s Inside:

  • A real blueprint for going from “no revenue at all” to a solid six figure income online!
  • How to create irresistible offers that compel people to buy and buy again and again
  • How to get high ticket customers to pay you 1k-to-10k each
  • How to get more leads and traffic than you need (get an overflow of leads)
  • How to position your offers and price points
  • How to create an automated system (or structure) for your business so you work the least. Get others to do most of the work for you even though there’s not that much work needed at all with this system

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