The Affiliate Journey

??? ????????? ???????!!! (For me at least so far)

????? ? – ??????????? (Unjustified Optimism)

Oh, this phase can be very intoxicating. Everything is new and shiny. You internalized all the motivational quotes, read books and articles and watched countless hours of YouTube videos.

You even obtained some of these precious – make me rich – affiliate links. You all warm and fuzzy. Nothing can stop you!

Pro Tips

? Start working on your mindset, habits and routines
? Take imperfect action
? Fail fast
? Get ready to be humbled
? Don’t make any rush decisions and spend all your money on some hyped up course

????? ? – ?????? ?? ????? (Justified Pessimism)
(??? ???? – 90% ?? ?? ???’? ???? ?? ??? ?? ℎ???)

Man, this is bloody hard. Nothing, not even a nibble. Hello, little voice – getting louder and louder – I am not good enough, I have nothing of value to give, People don’t like me…

Pro Tips

? Improving your mindset, habits and routines are key
? Beware of shiny objects
? Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
? Start looking for a mentor
? Keep taking imperfect action – you literally have to claw your way out of the valley
? Detach yourself from the outcome

????? ? – ????? ?? ??? ??? ?? ??? ?????? (Encouraging Realism)

Your first commission. Might not be much to some, but it’s freaking awesome. You notice you think, feel and behave differently especially in challenging situations. You even move differently, with a slight swing in your step. It’s slowly coming together. All the month of making sacrifices, uncertainty and doubt starting to bear fruit.

Pro Tips

? Mindset, habits and routine are still key
? Really find a mentor now who can help you level up
? Stay focused and don’t over-commit thinking you figured it all out
? Keep taking action and getting out of your comfort zone

????? ? – ???????? ???? (Justified Optimism)
(???? ???? ?? ??? ??’? ???? ???? ??????????? ?? ?? ???? – ? ???? ??? ??????? ??? ??????? ???? ???)

You know how to make money. You really want to positively impact and change peoples lives. Show them how to live life on their own terms. Make an impact. Build your legacy.

Pro Tips

? Mindset, habits and routine (At every level there is another devil)
? Stay humble and grateful
? Keep investing into mentorship
? Don’t buy the Lambo just yet

????? ? – ????????? (enjoy the journey, what’s the point otherwise)

About the Author: Rob

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