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Tiny Niches, Huge Profits!

Problem Solving

Marketing to tiny niches at its best helps to solve real problems that real people live with every day. If you find a small market that has disposable income and can come up with a product or service to promote that helps people in that niche solve their problems then indicators are good that it is a money maker.

The things people view as ‘problems’ provide an endless supply of possibilities for niches marketers. People have problems and they are always looking for ways to help to solve them.

As we discussed in your last lesson a good way to find out what people consider a problem is to read online forums and social streams where people in the niche you are exploring gladly talk about anything and everything.

They discuss subjects that they wouldn’t talk about with their best friends for the simple reason that they can remain anonymous if they choose to do so. They look for solutions online for the very same reason. By visiting forums and taking note of what people are most concerned about you can search the Internet for products and services that will help them solve those problems.

An additional way to use forums to reach a specific niche market is to join related forums, identify the problem being discussed most often and then participate in the conversation by posting questions that will solicit responses.

The information you gather from this type of interaction can be a huge resource for your quest to find a profitable niche. It will also help you connect with consumers in that niche which can definitely be beneficial in the long run.

Next we will be talking about the importance of choosing keyword and setting up a website.

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